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I am writing a story for Go Triad about changes in dating,… - WQFS, Greensboro [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Oct. 18th, 2004|08:49 am]
I am writing a story for Go Triad about changes in dating, particularily dating in the Triad. If you want to sound off about this issue, please answer the questions below and email them to msbroome@hotmail.com. I will be quoting you, so please supply me with your full name, age, and occupation. If you don't want to answer all the questions, please be sure to let me know which questions you are answering in your email! The story is slated to run November 10th.


1. What is your full name, age, and occupation?

2. How many years have you been dating?

3. What is your definition of a date? How is a date different from "hooking up"?

4. Have you used technology to help you in your dating process? (Technology can include online dating services, networking sites like gay.com, Friendster.com, or orkut.com, chat rooms, weblogs like Livejournal, online personals sites, email, or any other computer application).

5. If you answered "yes" to question 4, which technologies have you used, were they successful, and what was your experience with them (positive or negative)?

6. What was your best date ever? What factors are essential in a good date?

7. What was your worst date ever? What made it the absolute worst?

8. How has dating changed since your parents' time? Are these changes positive or negative?

9. Do you think gender roles have changed in heterosexual dating? If so, how? (are women more likely to be the aggressor? Do couples split the bill instead of the man paying?, etc)

10. What major changes have you seen in the GLBT dating scene?

11. What constitutes a successful date? An unsuccessful one?

12. Are there any rules about sex on the first (or third) dates, or have those flown out the window?

13. Has dating etiquette changed, and if so, how?

14. How has advertising changed how you feel about dating?

15. Do you think advertising has an effect on where you date, who you date, or how often you date? If so, what has changed?

16. How do you meet someone you want to date? Where are good places to go to find potential dating partners?

17. Do you have a nonsexual dating partner (i.e., someone who go out to places and events with (club openings, weddings, theatre, concerts, etc), but have no romantic interest in?

18. How do you feel about speed dating? Do you know what it is?

19. Has television or film influenced your attitudes towards your dating partners (for example, many critics have pointed to "Sex and the City" and "The Man Show" as forces that have changed men and women's perceptions of men and sex)?

20. Please share any other thoughts you have about dating, sex, or sexuality and the way it has changed over the past 30 years.